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    The customer of Taiwan visited Guangzhou Ligongmin Knitwear Co., Ltd


        On September 3rd, Chen Laijie, the general manager of Taiwan Chuen Sun Knitting Factory Co., Ltd., visited Guangzhou Ligongmin Knitwear Co., Ltd.
        On behalf of all employees, Wu Weilin, the Deputy General Manager of the Ligongmin company, expressed a warm welcome to the arrival of the guest. The Export Team and the Production Management Department cooperate with the customer for the acceptance of the export products. In the process of quality inspection, the customer fully affirmed our products.
        Mr. Chen said that he has more confidence in cooperation with us after a period of running-in, and it is believed that the two sides will have brightly development in the future.
        Ligongmin Company is a century-old enterprise, which is always famous for high-quality products. The company adheres to the quality policy of quality-oriented industry, health and environmental protection , and strives to meet requirements of customers and achieve win-win results.
        By the end of August, The total value of our company’s export orders has increased 56% more than the same period of last year.
    Editor by Chen Minhong, Liu Yuting
    Photo by Chen Minhong


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