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    Guangzhou Gutex Holdings Ltd attended Pure London


        Guangzhou Gutex Holdings Ltd attended Pure London 2019 Exhibition at Olympia London in recently. PURE London exhibition was held from 1997, organized by Ascential that is the largest trade show organizer in UK. PURE London exhibition is the place to present the high level and leading labels ,such as Pure Premier、Allure、Aspire E、Spirit. Pure London 2019 attracted about 48 countries, 500 exhibitors and over 17 thousand buyers. It is a festival of Fashion for women, men and children fashion.
        Compared with other exhibitors in the processing area, our products have high quality, complex product structure, unique technology, style can be comparable with those in the brand area, and the design can reflect the current popular trend. There are no similar products exhibitors in the whole exhibition hall. We accept small orders and provide development design, which is more competitive.
        We had a better understanding of the styles and fasion trends of local market. PURE LONDON exhibition was a good bridge for original design to enter the local market, especially for independent brands to enter the local fashion circle. We got to know some local brand customers and began to make samples. Some store owners wanted to sell our products in Italy as agents. Two of them made appointments to visit our company during the Canton fair. It is a good foundation for the future development of the UK market.
    by:Lai  Jieting


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